Six Months, Six Favorites.

Just over six months ago, I left my longtime digital communications job to freelance full-time. In between copywriting and web usability gigs, I've enjoyed writing articles for The Des Moines Register. To celebrate my happy transition from corporate life to freelancing, here are six articles I've had the most fun writing in these last six months:

  1. A Piece of Stillness - If I was forced to pick a favorite recent piece, this would be it -- celebrating Amanda Royce-Hale's daily photography project at Waterworks Park (and our mutual love of chocolate croissants).
  2. Cleaning Green - Because I'm a delicate flower when it comes to chemicals, I learned to make some great homemade cleaning products.
  3. Homemade Beauty Products - Ditching Chemicals - In light of my delicate flower status described above, I also road tested a few homemade, chemical-free personal care products.
  4. Wake Up to Simple Makeup - My favorite reminder from my interview with makeup guru Patrick Boltinghouse: "Mean doesn't look pretty on anyone."
  5. Eat This Way - This piece breaks down the healthy anti-inflammation diet that helps my friend Krista Jacob maintain her "bodacious booty." 
  6. Plank Goodness - I describe three styles of planks and admit that the plank challenge made me scream, cry, and curse. Side note: Sometimes my husband, Glen, helps me brainstorm titles for my stories, and he likes to throw in a couple "adult" suggestions. Too bad "Wham Bam Plank You Ma'am" couldn't make the final cut!